We are comitted to supplying our customers with superior quality, dependability and workmanship. 

Who We Are

Pressure Blast Manufacturing has been the leader in innovation and design in abrasive blast finishing equipment since 1958. Pressure Blast is one of the few companies in the industry that manufactures both wet and dry abrasive blast equipment. Whether it is standard manual cabinets or custom automatic systems. We are experts in surface preparation design.

Some  industries we have worked in:

  • Aircraft/Aerospace

  • Jewelry 

  • Appliance

  • Sports and Leisure

  • Automotive

  • Computer

  • Metal Cleaning

  • Electronics

  • Tool and Die Medical

With an experienced engineering group 

successful in designing special application custom equipment as well as high production blasting equipment, we are confident Pressure Blast can meet your surface preparation requirements.


Train and Service

We Have More Than
50 years of Experience

With over 50 years of knowledge and expertise we are able to offer a range of solutions for a large range of industries including: aerospace, automotive, computer, metal cleaning, tool and die, medical and more.

We can provide you with both automatic and manual systems that are standard or custom built. All of our solutions benefit from the extensive knowledge of our design teams, process consultants and service engineers. This ensures that any solution we provide you with will meet you expectations of surface preparation.

we provide a wide range of services

We Specialize In


Wet Blast Applications

Pressure Blast offers high performance Wet Blasting machines which have been designed for blasting applications which require a virtually flaw and scratch free finish. Pressure Blast wet blast cabinets eliminate frictional heat and can use ultra fine abrasives to create a spectacular finish on your parts.


Custom Applications

Pressure Blast can create a custom wet blast machine or custom dry blast machine to meet your particular needs. If you are not sure of which machine is needed for your project, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.


Dry Blast Applications

Pressure Blast offers high performance Dry Blasting machines which have been designed for blasting applications which require control, force, speed and consistent finishings.  Pressure Blast dry blast cabinets are primarily used for the rust and corrosion removal, removal of surface coatings, and surface preparation


Abrasives and Spare Parts

Pressure Blast offers a wide variety of abrasives for wet blast systems and dry blast systems. Each abrasive provides the quality of blasting needed for your project - from glass etching to steel smoothing. Pressure Blast also supplies a wide range of blasting equipment spare parts for wet and dry blast equipment and cabinets.